List of Fords Manufactured in Germany

by Jonathan Lister
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Ford has developed an increasingly global presence over the years with the creation of auto factories in Germany, China, Russia and the United Kingdom. Several cars of the company's European line are produced by one of two Ford factories located in Germany. These plants also produce electronic components for other Ford models made available throughout European and the Pacific Rim.

Ford Fiesta

The redesigned Ford Fiesta is manufactured in the auto maker's Cologne, Germany plant. The four-cylinder economy vehicle has been in high demand since its relaunch after a lengthy absence. According to the website for Auto Guide, it took Ford 10 years to sell the first million Fiesta models but since its 2009 reappearance the vehicle has moved over 750,000 models as of the 2010 summer. Auto Guide estimates that the new Fiesta could crack the top 10 list of the best selling cars of all time. Fiestas have been built by Ford in Germany since 1976.

Ford Focus

The European version of the Ford Focus is built exclusively by the Ford auto plant located in Saarlouis, Germany. This new version of the Focus went on sale for the first time in Europe in 2010. A popular small-size family sedan, the Focus features good fuel economy and multiple engine options to provide drivers with a choice between diesel or gasoline models along with automatic and manual transmission choices. According to Auto Evolution, the European Focus models will not be made available in the United States.

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is another model unavailable in the United States that is manufactured in Germany, Russia and China. The Mondeo is a little larger than the Ford Fusion, with sports luxury interior and signature Ford technology. American Ford drivers might think of this as an updated version of the Ford 500 or Taurus sedans. Unlike the four-cylinder Fiesta and Focus, the Monedo features a turbocharged fuel injection system for increased horsepower. A manual transmission is a standard feature on the Ford Mondeo.

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