What Is the Difference in Styleside & Flareside Trucks?

by Karin Barga
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Pickup truck manufacturers are in heavy competition today. To keep models fresh, motor companies frequently design, redesign and discontinue models based on buyer trends. Ford Motor Company provides the flareside and styleside bed designs on its full-sized pickups to try to meet customer demands and needs. The flareside design features raised exterior rear fenders extending outward from the truck. The styleside design has a flat exterior with wheel wells located on the inside.


Ford’s flareside design has been dropped and reintroduced multiple times, closely following buyer trends. The flareside design is found on Ford Ranger and F-150 models.


Ford’s styleside truck bed in comparison to the flareside design is much sleeker in appearance, but consumes valuable cargo space. The styleside design can be found in Ford's F-250 and F-350 models.

Competitor Models

Chevrolet’s fleetside and stepside models, comparable in style to the Ford flareside and styleside, are found on its Sierra and Silverado trucks. GMC’s wideside and fenderside styles are available in C and K series pickups.

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