How to Install a Third-Row Seat in an Explorer

by Brock Cooper
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With the popularity of SUVs as family vehicles, many car makers began making third-row seats for some models. Many Ford Explorers come equipped with a third-row seat. If your Explorer didn't, then you can install a third-row seat with a little mechanical know-how and some parts ordered from the factory or from a junkyard. It might be a little crowded, but the seat will fit.

Step 1

Open the rear door of the of the Explorer. Remove carpet and insulation until the bare metal is exposed. Examine if there are holes in the SUV for a seat bracket. Measure the distance between the bracket holes in the car seat using the measuring tape. Drill holes in the floor of the SUV corresponding to the measurements, if the bracket holes are not there.

Step 2

Bolt the brackets to the holes in the SUV using the wrench until they are secure. Replace the insulation and the carpeting, covering the brackets. Cut holes in the carpet where the brackets are located, so they are sticking out through the carpet.

Step 3

Pick up the chair and place it into the rear of the SUV. Place the chair over the brackets and adjust until it snaps into place. The seat is complete and secure in the vehicle. You can also remove the seat when not needed, or if you need extra storage space.

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