Programming Instructions for the Remote Fob on an Acura MDX

by Matthew Fortuna
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Keyless entry and remote start devices have become popular standard and aftermarket options for car owners around the world since the 1990s. The Acura MDX is among the many Acura cars equipped with keyless remote capabilities, and allows owners to remotely start their car, control their locks and pop their trunks. These remotes can be bought standard from a dealership or purchased from auto retailers, and can be programmed at home without any type of expertise or training.

Beginning the Programming Sequence

Grab your keyless remote and sit in the driver's seat of your car. Make sure that all of the doors, windows and the trunk are closed after you enter the car, and that you have the ignition in the off position. Put your vehicle's key into the ignition with your keyless remote in hand.

Turn the key in the ignition to the "On" or "II" position, which is two clicks to the right after you insert the key, and one click to the left of actually turning the ignition of the car on. After putting your key into the ignition, prepare to act quickly because the rest of the following steps for programming must each be completed within about four seconds of the last.

Programming the Remote

Once you have your key in the ignition ready to act, press the "Lock" or "Unlock" button on your keyless remote once to commence the programming sequence. Aim the remote at the keyless receiver unit (around the steering wheel) every time that you press a button on the remote.

After you press the button, turn the key in your ignition again to the off position, and then back to the on position within four seconds. Again press and release the lock or unlock button on your remote, and cycle the ignition to the off and on position again. One last time, press the lock or unlock button, and turn the ignition back off and back on (for the third time total).

Completing the Process

Once you have cycled the ignition for the third time, again press a button on your keyless remote and wait to hear the sound of the door clicking as they lock or unlock. Again aim the remote at the steering wheel and press the lock or unlock button.

The programming sequence will now be complete and your can now sync up to three remotes to your receiver. Press any button on your remote to sync it to the car, and do the same with any other remote that you wish to program. Wait until the locks respond with each remote, and move on to the next one. Once you have synced each remote, turn the ignition key back to off and remove it from the ignition. Your programming will now be complete and you can use your remotes.

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