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How to Reprogram My Autopage Remote Car Starter

by Matthew Fortuna

As automobile technologies advance into the remote-control world, safety and convenience have been among the chief beneficiaries. Autopage is a leader in keyless entry, remote start and alarm systems for cars across the United States. The company's car starter offers a remote way to start your car from up to a couple hundred feet away and allows you to access your vehicle's locks, trunk and panic alarm.


Step 1

Enter your vehicle and close the doors and trunk behind you. Have the remote starter and your ignition key in hand.

Step 2

Insert the key into the ignition and switch it from "Off" to "On" three times, ending in the "On" position after the third cycle.

Step 3

Push the valet switch on your Autopage alarm twice. Hold the button on the second push until you hear a chirp, signifying that the programming sequence is ready. The valet switch is located near the bottom of driver's dashboard, where the alarm is set up.

Step 4

Press any button on your keyless remote starter. The vehicle will respond with another chirp to indicate that the programming was successful.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 with any additional remotes if necessary.

Turn the key in the ignition back to the "Off" position once you have finished to end the programming sequence.

Other Models

Step 1

Insert the key into the ignition of your vehicle and turn the key to the "On" position.

Step 2

Push the valet switch on your dash three times and wait for your car to respond with two chirps.

Step 3

Press any button on the remote that you wish to program within 10 seconds. Wait for the chirp to sound.

Step 4

Press any button on a second remote if necessary and wait for two short chirps. This will indicate that the remote is programmed.

Turn the key in the ignition back to the "Off" position to end the programming sequence.

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