How to Reset the Remote Key Fob on a Ford

by Allen Moore
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The remote entry fob from Ford Motor Company is a convenience device that allows you to lock or unlock your Ford’s doors from a distance without a key. The remotes work on a preprogrammed radio signal that transmits to a receiver inside the vehicle. It is possible for the remote to lose its program, which will render it useless. In this event, you will need to reprogram the fob to once again communicate with your Ford.

Step 1

Place the key in the ignition and leave it in the beginning position, known as the off position. Make sure that you have all the fobs for this vehicle before continuing, as any fobs that are not reprogrammed at this time will not work with the vehicle until they are reprogrammed with the other fobs.

Step 2

Lock and unlock the doors from the door lock master switch on the driver door. This activates the lock system. You will have ten minutes to complete the reprogramming from this point. If you do not successfully reprogram all the fobs before that time is up, you will need to cycle the locks again.

Step 3

Turn the key from the off position to the run position (the position right before you actually crank the starter) and then back to the off position seven times. You will need to use a rhythm here, making each forward and backward motion occur in roughly the same amount of time. On the seventh cycle, leave the key in the run position. The door locks should all cycle now, as if you pushed the lock and unlock button. Once this occurs, the lock system is in program mode.

Step 4

Push either the lock or unlock button on the first fob you wish to program. The locks should respond to that command. Repeat this with each fob you have until all have been programmed.

Step 5

Turn the key back to the off position and then test each fob to make sure that they work the locks. If one doesn't work, repeat the procedure.

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