How to Disable Ford Auto Locks

by Jennifer Hudock

The auto lock feature on Ford vehicles can be both a blessing and a curse. Though they provide you the added safety of locking your doors as you travel down the road, you may not always realize the doors are locked when you exit the vehicle and could accidentally lock yourself out of the car. Disabling the auto lock feature can save you from having to call a locksmith.

Step 1

Get into the car and close all the doors. Insert your key into the ignition, but leave it in the off position. Make sure the perimeter alarm is disabled before you attempt to disable the auto locks, because the perimeter lock could interfere with the process.

Step 2

Turn the key to the on position and press the power door lock button three times in a row. Turn off the ignition switch and press the power door lock button three times. This process notifies the vehicle's computer system that you want to enter into enable/disable mode. Return the ignition to the on position and listen for the horn to chirp. This horn lets you know the vehicle is ready for the next stage.

Step 3

Push the power door unlock button once to turn on the auto lock feature. Press the power door lock button once and listen for the horn to beep one time. One beep confirms the auto locks have been disabled. Two beeps, one short and one long, signals that the auto locks have been enabled, so if you receive two beeps, start the process over again.

Turn the car off and listen for the horn to beep. One beep of the horn confirms that changes have been made to the auto lock system.


  • After entering into alteration mode, you have 30 seconds to make the changes. Taking too long to perform the change could cause you to have to start over again.
  • This process should work with all modern Ford vehicles.

Items you will need

  • Ignition key

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