How to Program The Remote For a Ford Car Lock

by Randall Bullard

Since the addition of key-less entry remotes to the automotive market, the key fob has become a popular and standard accessory to most new automobiles. Allowing the vehicle locks to deploy from a distance, the convenience of the key-less entry remote cannot be denied. As with any small electronic product, it is sometimes necessary to replace the remote due to worn buttons, dead batteries or it was just lost. Programing the remote is easy and quick to do.

Step 1

Sit in the driver's side seat and press the unlock button on the driver's door to unlock all doors to the Ford car.

Step 2

Place the ignition key into the vehicle ignition.

Step 3

Turn the ignition key from the "Off" position to the "On" position eight times in rapid succession without starting the vehicle. On the eighth turn to the "On" position the vehicle's door locks should cycle once. Leave the key in the "On" position.

Step 4

Take each remote for the vehicle and press either the lock or unlock button once. When pressed, the locks of the vehicle should cycle. Repeat this procedure for each new key-less entry remote.

Turn the ignition to the "Off" position once each remote has been programmed and check that each remote operates the vehicle locks. If all fobs are recognized by the key-less receiver and the door locks react when the fob is used, the process is complete. If any of the fobs do not work, the process must be repeated.


  • Be certain that all key fobs are present when programming the vehicle. If all fobs are not programmed at once, any existing fobs will cease to work.
  • If you'd prefer, the parts service agent or an automotive salesperson at a dealership will likely program the remotes for you.


  • Spend the money to buy new fobs from reputable dealership parts department. The remotes are relatively inexpensive and the dealerships employees are usually happy to assist if problems are encountered.
  • Do not assume that a vehicle with power door locks automatically has the capability of key-less remotes, even on newer vehicles. Some models still require the key-less receiver as an option and will not be capable of accepting key-less remotes, even if the locks cycle when the ignition is turned eight times.

Items you will need

  • Key-less remotes for the Ford vehicle
  • Vehicle ignition key

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