How to Program a 2005 Dodge Key Fob

by Misty Barton

Key fobs that control a vehicle's remote alarm system, locks and occasionally sliding doors are a common accessory among newer vehicles. Whereas the initial programming of remote key fobs must be completed by a dealership or locksmith, the programming of subsequent remotes and the reprogramming of malfunctioning remotes can be accomplished without the assistance of a professional. Before programming a remote, ensure that it has new batteries and that it has not been exposed to moisture.

Step 1

Sit in the drivers seat of your car. You will need to be able to access both the remote key fob and the car's ignition during the process of programming the remote.

Step 2

Press the "Lock" button and release it five times. The button must be pressed and released all five times in less than two seconds. This will prepare the remote for synchronization and purge any previous programming.

Step 3

Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to the "Run" position. This is the last position on the ignition before actually starting the car.

Step 4

Wait for the dinging ignition alarm to stop.

Step 5

Press and hold the unlock button on the working remote for four to six seconds.

Step 6

Press the "Panic" button on the working remote while still holding the "Unlock" button. Release both the "Panic" and the "Unlock" buttons at the same time.

Step 7

Wait about three seconds. A dinging alarm should sound. It will sound like the ignition alarm. This alarm means that the car has entered a remote programming setting.

Step 8

Press and release both the "Lock" and "Unlock" button on the remote that needs programmed. Both buttons must be depressed simultaneously. This must be completed within 30 seconds of the alarm.

Step 9

Press and hold the "Unlock" button on the remote to be programmed until the car locks and unlocks the doors. When the locks on the car cycle, the remote is programmed.

Step 10

Remove your keys from the ignition of the car and exit the car. Test the remote for correct operation by locking and unlocking the doors.

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