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How to Open the Hood on a Mitsubishi Endeavor

by Owen Pearson

If you want to perform routine maintenance or repairs to your Mitsubishi Endeavor, you will need to open the hood to access the engine, fluid dipsticks and battery. Fortunately, opening the hood on a Mitsubishi Endeavor is a simple task. Even someone without automotive repair knowledge should have no problem completing this task.

Locate the interior hood-release lever under the dashboard on the driver's side of the interior of the car.

Lift up and toward you on the hood release lever. The lever is connected to a cable that releases the hood. The hood will pop up about 1/2 inch when you pull the lever.

Move to the front of the Endeavor and locate the exterior hood-release lever under the front of the hood. It is located near the middle of the vehicle, just beyond where the front edge of the hood meets the Endeavor's body. Lift up on the inner lever.

Lift up on the edge of the hood while holding the inner lever in place. When the hood is up, find the hood prop and raise it, setting its tip in the hood-prop mount on the hood, to hold the hood up while you work in the engine bay.


  • Place the hood prop into position before letting go of the hood. This will keep the hood from falling on you while you are performing repairs.


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