How to Open the Hood on a Pontiac Grand Prix

by Gregory Crews
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The Pontiac Grand Prix has a very distinct hood to match the car's stylish and sporty design. Accessing the engine is made possible by two separate latches that keep the hood flush with the rest of the front panels of the car. The primary latch is located in the car and needs to be released first. The secondary latch is located under the hood and is in place to ensure if the primary latch fails the hood will not fly open during vehicle operation.

Step 1

Locate the hood release under the dash. The release will be to the far left.

Step 2

Pull the latch toward you. You will hear the hood release and see it raise up slightly.

Step 3

Find the secondary latch under the hood. There will be a handle at the opening of the hood at the center.

Step 4

Lift the latch up while pushing the hood down slightly. This will release the hood.

Step 5

Allow the hood to raise all the way up. Hold the hood with one arm while locating the prop rod. The prop rod will be located along the top of the radiator.

Step 6

Raise the prop rod to the designated hole in the under body of the hood. The hole will have "prop rod" engraved by it for easy recognition.

Step 7

Lower the hood to the prop rod. This will secure the hood while you are working in the engine compartment.

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