How to Open the Hood of a Mercedes Benz 450SL

by Zyon Silket

To perform any routine maintenance in the engine compartment of your Mercedes-Benz 450SL, you must first open the hood. If you are not familiar with Mercedes, this might pose a bit of a challenge. However, after completing the process of opening the hood once, you should not have a problem doing it again in the future when you need to work on the vehicle.

Step 1

Locate the hood release latch secured to the underside of the dash panel between the steering column and the driver's-side door. The handle is black and has "Hood" printed on it in white letters.

Step 2

Pull out the handle until you see and hear the hood pop up about 2 inches.

Step 3

Pull the front of the hood up until it catches on the security latch. The security latch prevents the hood from popping up and possibly ripping off the vehicle in the event the hood latch fails while you are driving.

Step 4

Locate the security latch between the underside of the hood and the center of the grille. Lift up on the release located in front of the security latch as you pull up on the hood, which releases the security latch and allows you to fully raise the hood.

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