How to Open the Hood on a C4 Corvette

by Christian Killian

The C4 Corvette refers to the Corvettes that Chevy built from 1983 to 1996. The hood on these cars uses a unique reverse opening hinge with the latch being located at the rear of the hood near the windshield. Opening the hood will allow you to check the oil, perform a tune-up or any routine maintenance that your Corvette requires. The hood is lightweight fiberglass and can be opened with one hand, even with its large size. The hood release is located inside the driver's compartment for convenience.

Step 1

Open the driver's door of the car and locate the section of the dashboard just below the steering column. Find the hood release handle about halfway down the panel.

Step 2

Grasp the hood release handle and pull it toward you until you feel the handle pop slightly or the back edge of the hood pops up. Slide the hood release handle back into its home position. Do not let it snap back or damage may occur to the handle, cable or latch under the hood.

Step 3

Exit the car and, standing next to the fender, lift the rear of the hood near the windshield. Pivot the hood up and forward until the hood is all the way open and the latches engage.

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