How to Program a ProStart Remote Starter

by Robert Ceville
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The ProStart remote starter comes with a four-function remote that needs to be programmed at the time of installation. It is possible for the remote to hold up to four transmitter codes within its internal memory. In order to "Code Learn" the remotes, you will need to have the car's key accessible as well. If you are not sure how to go about programming the ProStart remote, do not get frustrated. With the right instruction, you can have it coded correctly in less than five minutes.

Step 1

Open the hood of your car by pulling the hood release lever, then turn the Valet switch "Off."

Step 2

Turn the car on by inserting the car key and turning it forward to "On." Do not start your automobile during the programming process.

Step 3

Turn the Valet switch back on, and wait for the parking lights to become illuminated. They will stay lit for five seconds.

Step 4

Press and release the "CH1," or "Button 1," before five seconds have passed after completing the last step. You will see the parking lights flash a total of seven times, five times quickly, and two slowly.

Step 5

Turn your vehicle off by turning the car key backwards to "Off," then take it out completely. After closing your hood, you will be ready to use the ProStart remote.

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