How to Operate Grand Cherokee Fog Lights

by Chyrene Pendleton
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Although not a standard feature on Grand Cherokees and some other vehicles, fog lights give you a visibility advantage and make a sound investment for your safety. During challenging weather such as fog, heavy snow, driving rain or dust, optional fog lights located below your the headlights of your Grand Cherokee provide extra light ahead of your vehicle, creating a beam that cuts through the weather. Your fog lights work along with your lower beam headlights. If a fog light fuse burns out, find the exterior fuse box under the hood on the driver's side.

Step 1

Turn on the fog light switch in the multifunction control lever by turning on the low beam headlights, the park/turn lights or the Auto headlights and then pulling the end out of the multifunction control lever.

Step 2

Verify you have the fog lights activated by looking at the instrument cluster indicator light. The front fog light indicator light will be lit.

Step 3

Turn off the fog lights by turning on the high beam headlights.

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