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How to Pop the Hood on the VW Bug

by Baptist Johnson

The Volkswagen Type 1 is an economy car manufactured by Volkswagen (VW), a German car company. In American, the Type 1 is commonly known by its nickname, the Beetle or Bug. Popping the hood on a VW Bug is tricky, but anyone can do it.

Park your VW Bug in a safe location. Look down by your left leg for a vertical lever marked "Hood Release." Pull the bottom of the lever up as far as it will go.

Go around to the front of the car. You should notice a T-shaped tab sticking out from the center of your hood.

Grasp the tab and pull it towards you; at the same time, lift upward on the hood.


  • You may need to wiggle the T-shaped tab slightly if it gets stuck.

About the Author

Baptist Johnson was first published in 2000 when a poem he wrote won first prize in a local writing contest. He also writes and edits for Etched Press Society, a micro-publishing company based in Wilmington, N.C. Johnson has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from East Carolina University.

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