How to Pop the Hood on the VW Bug

by Baptist JohnsonUpdated July 12, 2023

German car company, Volkswagen (VW) Automotive Group, has engineered countless popular vehicles– the Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, and luxury line Audi, to name a few. The Volkswagen Type 1 is an economy car manufactured by Volkswagen, and commonly known in America by its fond nickname, the VW Beetle or VW Bug. Variations such as the Beetle Convertible made the model incredibly popular in the U.S.

Knowing how to pop the hood of your vehicle is especially important in the case you need to jump start or cool down the engine. The owner’s manual is great resource for any vehicle-related questions. Volkswagen also offers hundreds of full videos on Youtube with information on new VW Models especially. Whether you have the 1974 Super Beetle, or a new Beetle, popping the VW Beetle hood is a DIY task anyone can do.

Volkswagen Beetle

1. Park your VW Bug in a safe location where you can work.

Park your VW Bug in a safe location where you can work. While sitting on the driver’s side of the car, look down by your left leg. You should find a vertical lever marked "Hood Release." If not, check the passenger side below the glove box. This hood release lever allow the hood to be opened. Pull the bottom of the lever up as far as it will go.

2. Exit the vehicle and move to the front hood of the car

Exit the vehicle and move to the front hood of the car. You should notice a T-shaped tab sticking out from the center of your hood, above the grille. This is the hood latch. If not in the center of the hood, check along the hood indentation above the headlights.

3. Grasp the tab and pull it towards you

Grasp the tab and pull it towards you; at the same time, lift the hood up. Use one hand to keep the hood of the vehicle open. Use the other to take out the prop rod, which ensures an open hood when you’re not physically holding it.


You may need to wiggle the T-shaped tab slightly if it gets stuck.

Video: Popping the Hood on a VW Bug

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  • Does the car need to be off for a while to check, or should I run it for a bit? Checked on a level surface, of course, I live in Wisconsin too, so currently when it gets cold, it gets COLD.

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