How Do I Get the Hood Up on a Ford Explorer?

by Kyle McBride

Ford equipped the Explorer trucks with an interior hood release lever and an auxiliary latch under the hood to hold the hood securely. Both mechanisms must be released in order to raise the hood.

Hood Release

The hood release lever is inside the passenger compartment. The lever connects through a cable to the hood release. When the lever is pulled, the hood catch releases and allows the hood to unlatch, but still remain trapped by the auxiliary latch as a safety catch. When unlatched, the hood is no longer flush with the body panels around it and can be lifted a few inches. Should the hood become unlatched while the vehicle is underway, the auxiliary latch keeps the hood from flying up and blocking the driver's view. This allows the driver to navigate safely off the roadway in order to firmly close the hood.

Auxiliary Latch

The auxiliary latch is located under the front edge of the hood in the center. Once the hood release lever is pulled, lift the hood a few inches and slide your hand under the front edge of the hood to find the lever for the auxiliary latch. Push the level to the left to release the hood. Once the auxiliary latch is released, the hood can be raised to allow access to the engine compartment.

Opening the Hood

Locate the hood release lever under the instrument panel on the driver's side of the passenger compartment to the lower left of the brake pedal. Pull the bottom of the hood release lever toward you until the hood releases.

Locate the auxiliary latch on the center front of the vehicle under the front edge of the hood. Insert your hand under the front edge of the hood, then push the latch handle to the left to release the auxiliary latch. Lift the hood until it is fully raised.

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