How to Open the Hood on a Dodge Dakota

by Dawn Roberts

One of the basic things every vehicle owner should be able to do is open the hood of his automobile. Whether you are checking the oil, topping off the windshield washer fluid, or just looking "in there," the skill is a must. The good news is that it is easy to open the hood on a Dodge Dakota, and much of what you learn can be applied to any vehicle you ever own, rent or just drive.

Step 1

Sit behind the wheel of your Dodge Dakota, and locate the hood release lever near the outside of your left leg.

Step 2

Place your fingers under the bottom lip of the lever, and pull it toward you. You will feel some resistance and will hear a metallic "pop."

Step 3

Exit the driver's seat, and walk to the front of your Dodge Dakota.

Step 4

Place your hands under the center of the hood and look or feel for a silver piece of metal. This is the safety latch for the hood. Lift the latch.

Step 5

Lift and hold the hood with one hand.

Step 6

Locate the hood prop with the other hand, and place it in the designated hole on the inside of the hood. Note that the hood prop will be at the front of the vehicle.

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