How to Install a Hood Ornament

by Russell Wood

Hood ornaments. Call them old-school, something custom or tacky, they're still a modification that's popular to do. Plus, it's super easy.

Installing a hood ornament

Place the masking tape on the hood where you'd like to put the hood ornament.

Measure the hood to be sure the tape is centered correctly. Once you have the center, mark it with a permanent marker.

Measure the mounting holes on the bottom of the hood emblem. Generally, there are two holes on a hood ornament; measure the distance between the two. Take that number and divide it by two, which will give you the center of the emblem.

Transfer those measurements to the tape on the hood. Double check them to ensure your marks are accurate---this is where you will drill your holes.

Drill holes in the hood using progressively larger bits until you get to a size just slightly larger than the bolts that hold the emblem to the hood.

Peel the tape off of the hood.

Bolt the hood ornament to the hood using the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets. The hood ornament is now successfully installed and good to go.


  • Always double-check your measurements. You're going to be drilling holes in your hood, so you want to be sure they're right.

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