How to Open a Nissan Murano Hood

by Shayrgo Barazi
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Knowing how to open the hood of your Nissan Murano is an absolute necessity for doing any kind of maintenance to your vehicle. For example, if you need to add windshield washer fluid, coolant or oil, you will have to open the hood to gain access to the engine compartment to do all these things. Another scenario that requires you to know how to open the hood is if your battery goes dead and it needs a jump start.

Step 1

Open the driver's side door.

Step 2

Crouch down to waist level and look below the steering wheel and to the left. You should see a handle with a picture of the hood on it.

Step 3

Pull up on the handle until you hear a popping sound. This releases the hood from the primary latch.

Step 4

Go to the front of the Nissan Murano at the middle of the hood and place your hand between the grille and the hood. You should feel a latch that you can pull upwards with your fingers.

Step 5

Pull the secondary latch upwards with your fingers and raise the hood. The Nissan Murano has hood struts that keep the hood open without a prop.

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