How to Open the Hood on a Ford Focus

by Russell Wood
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The Ford Focus first was introduced in 2000, and quickly became a big seller for Ford Motor Company, finding their way onto streets across the world. The car is based on a European design, and as such has a few different features than an American designed vehicle. The hood latch is one of those things, which can be difficult to find if you're not used to it, which makes opening the hood difficult. Once you know its location, opening the hood becomes a simple task.

Step 1

Reach under the driver's side of the dashboard and pull the hood latch using your hand. This will pop the hood up about an inch in the air, allowing you to access the hood latch itself.

Step 2

Bend down and look between the front lip of the grill and the top of the bumper. Obscured by the grille is the hood latch, a small, flat tab that you can use your hand to lift.

Step 3

Place your hand under the hood latch and lift it up with one hand, then lift up the hood with the other. Set the hood on the hood prop, keeping the hood in the air.

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