How to Open the Hood on My Mercedes S550

by Vanessa Padgalskas

The S-class sedan is the largest sedan made by Mercedes. In addition to the S550, Mercedes also makes an S63, S65, S600 and S400 hybrid. German engineering is different than that of non-German cars, so it an be difficult to figure out how to open the hood.

Step 1

Open the driver's door and get down on your knees outside the vehicle so that you have a view of the pedals. You don't need to get on your knees every time you want to pull the hood lever, but it will give you a clear view of where the lever is located.

Step 2

Pull the lever in the left corner of the driver's foot area. The hood lever is directly to the left of the parking brake.

Step 3

Walk to the hood of the car. You will see a lever slightly sticking out from the grill, located beneath the Mercedes star hood ornament. Pull this lever toward you to release the hood. Pull up on the hood to get a view of the engine.

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