What to Do With an Old Jet Ski Hull

by Don Kress
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Cleaning up your yard or garage can unearth treasures you may not have thought about for years. Unfortunately, there isn't always much you can do with some of what you find. A jet ski hull is one such example. You can't make a planter out of it, and it wouldn't make a good centerpiece for your table. For items such as these, making use of them or getting rid of them can be a challenge, but it isn't impossible.

Recycle It

The best choice for ridding yourself of an old jet ski hull is to recycle it. If the engine and other metal components of the jet ski are still inside the hull, you can usually just take the entire jet ski to a salvage yard that purchases scrap metal. Some scrappers will require you to remove the fiberglass, but most won't. The benefit is that you can get a few dollars salvage value while you're getting rid of the hull. If you're left with just the fiberglass hull itself, however, contact your trash pickup company to determine if it can take the hull to be recycled.

Restore It

Restore the jet ski to working condition with the hull as a base if the hull itself isn't damaged. You can source replacement parts for the jet ski from dealerships regardless of how old the ski is, though they may have to special-order the parts for you and have them shipped.

Trash It

If your local area doesn't support fiberglass recycling and the hull is bereft of metal components that would make salvaging feasible, you can simply throw the hull away. To avoid having your trash company charge you to pick up an oversized item, use a reciprocating saw to cut the hull into smaller portions that will fit into your trash can.

Sell It

With a cheap enough price tag, online marketplaces are an ideal place to dump things you have no use for anymore. Chances are good that somewhere, someone is searching the Internet to find a hull for their jet ski. All you'll have to do is list the hull with some pictures, and you may be surprised by how many responses you get.

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