How to Buy a Car in China

by James Green
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If you are living in China for an extended period of time, you may consider buying a car in China for your personal use. Both domestic and imported, as well as used and old, exist in the Chinese car market. The bureaucratic procedures involved with buying a car in China, however, may be complicated to someone buying a car for the first time. By following a few steps, those unaccustomed to buying a car in China may get through the process trouble-free.

Step 1

Purchase a car, which may be done at either an authorized dealer (especially with new cars) or by checking the classified sections of local newspapers. If your level of Chinese is limited, then consult the classified sections of expatriate-oriented websites, which often post car ads in English. Be sure to obtain a sales invoice for your purchase, as this will be needed for the registration of your car.

Step 2

Obtain motor vehicle insurance and third-party insurance for your vehicle, which are required before the car can be driven legally . All insurance is purchased from your local branch of the People's Insurance Company of China.

Step 3

Purchase a license plate for your car from the local license plate office in your area. License plates are auctioned off by the government and may cost as much as $5,000 in cities like Shanghai. You will need to provide a sales invoice for your motor vehicle, your residence permit and insurance information.

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