How to Sell a RV to a Salvage Yard

by Scott Damon
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After years on the open road touring the quaint cities and towns of America, a growing number of expensive repairs to your RV might lead you to choose between selling the vehicle to another person or dealership or selling it to a salvage yard. One benefit of selling to a salvage yard is that salvage yards often buy RVs whether they are running or not, and the owner does not have to make repairs or market the vehicle.

Step 1

Call local salvage yards in your area. Some salvage yards specialize in RVs, while others may not buy them.

Step 2

Give the salvage yard the make, model and year of your RV along with any other important information such as if it is running or not. Also inquire about whether they will tow the RV if it is not running.

Step 3

Discuss a price for the RV. Remember that the salvage yard is going to sell parts from your RV to make a profit and there is a value to the RV. Try and negotiate a fee as high as possible. Remember that this fee will usually be far below the "poor" condition value in any blue book or pricing catalog since the RV is usually well beyond repair when calling a salvage yard.

Step 4

Fill out paperwork provided by the salvage yard and sign over the title. While the required paperwork varies slightly by state, your identification and the vehicle identification number are usually required. In certain states, the salvage yard will then apply for a salvage title from the state, once you have signed over the title.

Step 5

Collect your cash and finish the transaction. Be sure to get a receipt from the salvage yard before leaving.

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