How to Sell a Licensed Utility Trailer

by Sam Williams
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Utility trailers are multipurpose resources that are hitched to cars or trucks. The length and weight capacities vary widely. They can be used to tow smaller vehicles, inventory, wood or other supplies. A licensed utility trailer can be valuable for construction companies, delivery companies, motorcycle racers and any entity that has regular, short-distance hauls.

Step 1

Buy or borrow a digital camera. Take snapshots of the utility trailer from all angles. Select the best pictures and save them on your memory stick. Delete the excess pictures.

Step 2

Review trailer sales listings in magazines, classified ad sites and newspapers. Price your utility trailer based on comparable trailers available on the market.

Step 3

Write a series of sales ads. Utilize one-liners that can be posted to classified ads and longer, more-detailed versions for other outlets. List the specifications of the trailer, such as size, weight capacity and style.

Step 4

Develop fliers. In a software program like Microsoft Word, cut and paste your pictures and wrap text around your pictures.

Step 5

Find bulletin boards at hardware stores. Tack your fliers on the bulletin boards. Hand them out to people driving trucks in front of home improvement stores.

Step 6

Post your ad in classifieds. For print newspapers, call the sales department for the latest special pricing offer. For online classified ad sites, post your text and upload pictures.

Step 7

Call local delivery companies and construction companies in your area and tell them what you are selling.

Step 8

Follow up by faxing or e-mailing your brochure to the people you called.

Step 9

Sift through offers that you receive. Show the trailer to anyone who shows interest. Prequalify a prospective buyer so that you don’t waste time showing your trailer to people who will never buy.

Step 10

Download and print a bill-of-sale form to record the transaction. Your county clerk may have sample forms on a website or you can print one from a word processing software program.

Step 11

Transfer the license. Request the help of a notary public before you sign the certificate of title. In the presence of the notary, write in the buyer’s name, address, mileage and price.

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