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How to Remove Trailer Hubs

by Russell Wood

The hubs on a trailer axle allow the wheels on the trailer to turn with the forward motion of the vehicle pulling the trailer. These hubs use bearings; if the bearings on the hub freeze up, the axle between the trailer wheels could also freeze up, which could cause an accident. If you want to repair the hubs on your trailer, you must first remove them from the trailer. This process takes about an hour to complete.


Lift the trailer up with a jack, and put jack stands underneath all four corners of the trailer so all of the tires are off of the ground. Take off the wheel by loosening the lug nuts with a tire iron.


Take off the dust cap in the middle of the hub using a slotted screwdriver and a hammer. Remove the tang washer or cotter pin in the middle of the hub with needle-nose pliers, then remove the hub nut with the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket.


Pull the hub assembly straight off the spindle on the trailer axle using both hands.

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