How to Import a Toyota Hilux Into the USA

by Jean Coley

There are two ways to import a Toyota Hilux into the United States. One method is as a temporary import. Temporary imports must be returned to their country of origin accompanied by you, as specified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The second option is to order it from the manufacturer with U.S. specifications, because there are no Toyota Hilux's on the "List of Non-Conforming Vehicles eligible for importation." Information for both of these options is available on the NHTSA website.


Choose a customs port of entry that will be convenient for you to pick up your Toyota Hilux. A list of ports is available on the U.S Customs and Border Protection website.


Send the truck in bond to customs at the U.S. port you chose. The customs bond form 301 is available on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.


Present to customs the sales receipt and vehicle registration papers.


Give customs the original bill of landing from the shipper or carrier you used. The shipper or carrier you use should already be aware of customs requirements. If this is a temporary import, it must be sent to the U.S. through a Registered Importer. A list of Registered Importers is available on the NHTSA website.


Complete Environmental Protection Agency form 3520-1. This form will be given to you by customs.


Complete Department of Transportation form HS-7. This form is required by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Customs will provide you with this form.


Pay duty and taxes to the customs cashier. The duty and tax amount will be determined based on the price you paid for the car. For a new Toyota Hilux, duty is 25 percent of the purchase price as of 2010.


Pick up your Toyota Hilux from the inspection area. You will be given a clearance form from customs for the release of your truck.

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