How to Register a Camper in Massachusetts

by Nan East
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Massachusetts allows online renewals of vehicle registrations, but you can't register a newly acquired camper or other vehicle for the first time online. Plan to visit a Registry of Motor Vehicles branch office. The procedure for registering a camper or motor home is the same as the procedure for registering a car. State law refers to campers as "auto homes" and requires registration. If you didn't pay sales tax directly to a Massachusetts dealer, you must pay the state's sales tax -- 6.25 percent at the time of publication -- when you register the camper, along with the registration and title fees.

Step 1

Get an RMV-1 form, an application for registration. If you bought the camper from a Massachusetts dealer, you need the dealer's signature and he will most likely provide and fill out the form. If not, get the two-page form online from the Registry of Motor Vehicle's website.

Step 2

Complete the RMV-1 form if the dealer doesn't. For a camper, check off "Auto Home" when you come to Question 9 on the type of registration. Fill out the form by hand or on the computer. In either case, print it on 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch white paper. The Registry will reject the form if you submit it on the wrong kind of paper or if the form is not legible.

Step 3

Take the form to your insurance agent to get it stamped and signed. This provides proof of required Massachusetts insurance.

Step 4

Go to a registry branch office with the form, supporting documents and money to pay the fees and applicable taxes. You will need the certificate of origin for a new vehicle. If it's not new, you need the previous owner's title and dealer re-assignment if applicable, or the bill of sale and proof of last registration for a vehicle old enough to be exempt from titling.

Step 5

Complete the transaction at the registry office. You'll receive your plates, a sticker that shows the expiration date and a registration certificate. The registry will mail the new title to you or the lienholder within six to eight weeks.

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