How to Get a Replacement License Plate

by Editorial Team

Oops, your license plate is missing from your car, truck or motorcycle. Either it fell off or was stolen--you don't know which, you just know it is gone. Or maybe it got hammered so much it is illegible and you need to get a new one. Follow the steps below to report the situation and get a replacement license plate.

Step 1

Ensure you have the vehicle's registration you when you drive.

Step 2

Write down the identification number of your vehicle and the existing license plate number, if known.

Step 3

Contact the highway patrol or local law enforcement office if you suspect your license plate was stolen as soon as you notice it missing. They will ask for the information you wrote down in Step Two.

Step 4

Check to see if there is a downloadable replacement form on the Motor Vehicle Department or County Government website where the plate originated. Most websites have a form that you can print, sign and mail along with a small fee. The office will then mail your new license plate to you.

Step 5

Call, write or go to the agency that issued the plate if you are not able to find it online. Explain your situation. They will have you fill out an affidavit saying your plate is missing, pay a small fee and then issue you a new license plate.

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