How to Make Replacement Keys for a 2002 Saturn

by Susanne Koenig
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You've lost or misplaced the keys to your 2002 Saturn and are understandably frustrated. Replacing them doesn't have to be a great hassle. Since Saturn uses transponder or "coded" keys that emit a frequency specially attuned to your car's ignition, you'll have to order a set that will be not only cut but programmed. A new set is as near as your Saturn dealership or a reputable automotive locksmith. If you are unable to travel to a dealership, an automotive locksmith can meet you on site with your new keys.

Step 1

Call the dealership and see how much it will charge you for a new set of keys. The keys will have to be found in inventory, cut and then coded for your particular car. Once you get a price, do a little comparison shopping.

Step 2

Call a reputable automotive locksmith, preferably one recommended by your auto mechanic or through a listing with the Better Business Bureau. A reputable locksmith will more than likely give you a lower price quote than the dealership.

Step 3

Place your order for your keys with a vendor. Expect it to take four hours to get a set of keys from a dealership and less than that from an automotive locksmith. If you are unable to travel to the dealership, a locksmith is by far the best choice as he will bring the key to you and test it in your ignition.

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