How to Get a New Vehicle Title

by Stan Kane
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You will need to get a new vehicle title when your original car title is lost, stolen or destroyed. Duplicate car titles are issued by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles. The new car title will serve as an official copy and may be used for transfer of ownership or any other future changes to the vehicle's certificate of title. The process of getting a duplicate title may take several weeks and generally requires an application fee.

Step 1

Obtain a Duplicate Title Application from the local DMV branch office, your state's official DMV website or your local municipality.

Step 2

Complete and sign the Duplicate Title Application. If the vehicle is held in joint ownership, both owners must sign the application.

Step 3

Acquire an official Lien Release from the loan-issuing entity, if you have fully satisfied the terms of the loan.

Step 4

Call or check your state's DMV website for application fee information. Verify authorized methods of payment and the mailing address.

Step 5

Mail the completed Duplicate Title Application, Lien Release and payment to your state's DMV offices. Your new vehicle title will generally be mailed out to you within a few weeks.

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