How to Install Seat Covers in a Ford Mustang

by Robert Good

Installing seat covers in your Ford Mustang is an inexpensive way to customize the car. Perhaps you are not satisfied with the interior of the Mustang, or want to protect the original seat material, or maybe you simply want something different. Seat covers are easy to install, taking little time and effort--and no tools. Different brands of seat covers have varying types and numbers of snaps; understand how your particular snaps work before beginning installation.

Remove any headrests from your Mustang by pulling them off the top of each front seat.

Stretch the front seat covers over the top of each front seat, pulling the cover down to fully cover the seat. Push the snaps through the opening at the bottom of the seat and around the edges while gently pulling the seat cover until it conforms to the shape of the seat.

Connect the seat cover snaps to the seat frame beneath the seat. Make sure the snaps are connected to the seat frame and not to each other.

Slip the new headrest cover over the headrest. Adjust and connect the snaps so that they are positioned under the headrest.

Replace each headrest on the top of its front seat.

Stretch the rear seat cover tightly over entire back seat. Push the seat cover snaps through the gap between the seat and the backrest, along the edge and over the back, connecting the snaps to the rear seat frame beneath the back seat.

Make final adjustments and smooth out any wrinkles. The seat covers should conform to the shape of each seat and fit snugly.


  • check Use a flashlight to help you see when securing snaps to the seat frame.


  • close If your Mustang has electric seats, disconnect the battery cables before working on the seats.


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