How Do You Take the Seat Out of Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Many of the basic maintenance routines required by a Vehicles series all-terrain Vehicles involves the removal of the Vehicles seat. While removing the seat is not difficult, the absence of a readily available seat latch on the side of the Vehicles can make the task appear more complicated than it is. A quick search under the plastic fender will reveal the missing latch, allowing the seat to be removed with a Vehicles amount of fuss.

Under The Hood:

 How Do You Take the Seat Out of a Mercedes-Benz 110 CDI Van

Find the release lever for the rear seat legs located on the back underside of your rear bench seat. Rotate the lever upwards.

Tilt the rear seat bench forward by pushing the upper edge of the seat's backrest to release the legs.

Move to the front of the bench seat and pull the three release handles (located at each seat leg) upwards.

Hold the seat by the lower edge of the seat cushion and tilt the bench seat slightly forward.

Lift the seat completely out of the floor anchors and remove from the vehicle. Place the seat in a covered storage area.

 How to Take the Seat Off a Goldwing

Remove the passenger backrest. Open the trunk on your Honda Goldwing. Look at the back of the trunk frame that is under the passenger backrest. You will see two hex screws. Use a 4-mm Allen wrench to remove those screws. Be careful not to lose the plastic washer on each screw.

Locate the hex bolts on each side of the Goldwing seat. The bolts will be under the seat, on the sides of the frame near the pillion of the seat. The pillion is the raise in the seat that begins the "passenger" portion of the motorcycle seat. If you are removing the seat on a Goldwing Aspencade you will have two bolts on each side of the seat (instead of one, as on the Interstate model). Remove the bolts with an Allen wrench; be careful not to lose the small plastic inserts that are inside the bolt holes.

Grab the seat with one hand on each side of the seat just past center (more towards the rear of the motorcycle). Pull the seat off the motorcycle by lifting the rear of the seat slightly higher than the front. The seat is also held in place by plastic tabs that are pushed under the center seat post of the frame when the seat is installed. By lifting the seat out, rear higher, you will pull the tabs out from under the center post and be able to remove the seat easily.

Items you will need

  • Allen wrench set

 How to Take Off a Seat on a Honda FourTrax

Reach under the left side of the rear fender to locate the seat latch on the ATV's frame.

Lift the seat latch upward to unlock the seat.

Lift the rear of the seat upward and pull it away from the ATV's gas tank. Set the seat aside.

 How to Take Off the Seat on a Ninja 250

Position your Ninja 250 on a flat surface and engage either the side prop or the centerstand. If you are just doing everyday parking and want to quickly access under the seat, use the side prop. Use the centerstand if you plan to perform maintenance after you remove the seat.

Turn the engine off and remove the key.

Look on the left side of the seat to find the key lock. This is just above the helmet lock on the left side panel, just below the edge of the seat. Insert your key into the key lock and turn it to release the latch that keeps the seat in place.

Grab the seat and lift up. This is all you need to do to remove the seat from your Kawasaki Ninja 250.

 How to Take Off the Seat on a Suzuki C50

Lift the rear of the passenger seat's cushion to find the screw that secures the seat to the rear fender. Use a 5-mm Allen wrench to remove the screw.

Lift the rear of the passenger seat slightly and pull it away from the rider's seat.

Use the 5-mm Allen wrench to remove the screws from the rear of the rider's seat.

Lift the rear of the rider's seat upward slightly. Pull the seat back until the tabs on the front of the seat separate from the motorcycle's frame.

Items you will need

  • 5 mm Allen wrench

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