How to Install Seat Covers in a Car

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Car seats experience a lot of wear and tear and can soon look shoddy and older than the rest of the car. You can install covers to get your seats looking new again.

Take the headrest off the seat. You can do this by pulling up on the headrest. It will stop at the highest adjustment, but pull harder, and it should come out completely.

Tilt the seat forward. You don't need to slide the entire seat forward unless it is difficult to reach the back of the seat, as in a single cab truck.

Position the seat cover over the seat. Slide it down over the entire seat starting at the top. It may be difficult to pull down completely, but the snug fit will make the cover look better once it has been installed. If it fits loosely, there will be wrinkles in the seat cover.

Pull the seat cover over the base of the seat. You may have to stretch it a bit for it to reach completely over the seat base.

Using the hooks supplied with the seat cover, fasten the seat cover to the underside of the seat. You can fasten them to one another or onto anything under the seat that will hold it. Be careful not to put the hook in the way of the sliding bar of the seat.

Cut two small slits in the top of the seat covers for the headrest to fit back into position. You can make a very small hole because the seat covers will stretch some. If the hole is too big, it may rip further than you want over time.

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