How to Open the Hood on Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles has a very distinct hood to match the car's stylish and sporty design. Accessing the engine is made possible by two separate latches that keep the hood flush with the rest of the front panels of the car. The primary latch is located in the car and needs to be released first. The secondary latch is located under the hood and is in place to ensure if the primary latch fails the hood will not fly open during Vehicles operation.

Under The Hood:

 How to Open the Hood on a Dodge Dakota

Sit behind the wheel of your Dodge Dakota, and locate the hood release lever near the outside of your left leg.

Place your fingers under the bottom lip of the lever, and pull it toward you. You will feel some resistance and will hear a metallic "pop."

Exit the driver's seat, and walk to the front of your Dodge Dakota.

Place your hands under the center of the hood and look or feel for a silver piece of metal. This is the safety latch for the hood. Lift the latch.

Lift and hold the hood with one hand.

Locate the hood prop with the other hand, and place it in the designated hole on the inside of the hood. Note that the hood prop will be at the front of the vehicle.

 How to Open the Hood of a Mercedes Benz 450SL

Locate the hood release latch secured to the underside of the dash panel between the steering column and the driver's-side door. The handle is black and has "Hood" printed on it in white letters.

Pull out the handle until you see and hear the hood pop up about 2 inches.

Pull the front of the hood up until it catches on the security latch. The security latch prevents the hood from popping up and possibly ripping off the vehicle in the event the hood latch fails while you are driving.

Locate the security latch between the underside of the hood and the center of the grille. Lift up on the release located in front of the security latch as you pull up on the hood, which releases the security latch and allows you to fully raise the hood.

 How to Open the Hood on a Ford Focus

Reach under the driver's side of the dashboard and pull the hood latch using your hand. This will pop the hood up about an inch in the air, allowing you to access the hood latch itself.

Bend down and look between the front lip of the grill and the top of the bumper. Obscured by the grille is the hood latch, a small, flat tab that you can use your hand to lift.

Place your hand under the hood latch and lift it up with one hand, then lift up the hood with the other. Set the hood on the hood prop, keeping the hood in the air.

 How to Open the Hood on a Honda CR-V

Open the driver’s door of your CR-V and locate the hood release under the dash against the left-hand inner kick panel. Grasp the handle and pull it back until the hood pops open.

Move to the front of the car and slide your hand between the hood and the grille with your palm facing up. Feel for the hood release handle on the underside of the hood and push it up with your fingers.

Lift the hood, then pull the prop rod out of the storage clip and place the end of the rod into the hole under the hood. The prop rod hole has an arrow embossed into the steel point at the hole for easy identification.

 How to Open the Hood on a C4 Corvette

Open the driver's door of the car and locate the section of the dashboard just below the steering column. Find the hood release handle about halfway down the panel.

Grasp the hood release handle and pull it toward you until you feel the handle pop slightly or the back edge of the hood pops up. Slide the hood release handle back into its home position. Do not let it snap back or damage may occur to the handle, cable or latch under the hood.

Exit the car and, standing next to the fender, lift the rear of the hood near the windshield. Pivot the hood up and forward until the hood is all the way open and the latches engage.

 How to Open the Hood of a Lincoln Navigator

Pull the hood release handle located under the bottom of the instrument panel.

Walk to the front of the vehicle.

Release the auxiliary latch under the front center of the hood.

Lift the hood until the lift cylinders hold it open automatically.

 How to Open the Hood on a 2003 Dodge Neon

Open the door and locate the latch to pop the hood on the driver's side of the dashboard. Pull the handle and the hood will pop open just slightly.

Grab the lip of the front center of the hood, and lift it up until it locks in place. It may take a little bit of force to do this, depending on the amount of corrosion on the latch. The hood will only be open about 2-3 inches, but will stay in place so you can access the latch.

Reach inside the gap between the hood and the bumper with your left hand and feel around for the hood latch, which is just to the left from the center of the hood. If you have to, bend over and look through the gap to find the latch handle, which has a large flat section on it designed to hold a hand.

Pull up on the hood latch using your left hand, then lift up the hood the rest of the way using your other hand. Pull out the hood prop and set it into the groove in the hood to hold it in place.

 How to Open the Hood on a Nissan Xterra

How to Open the Hood on a Nissan Xterra

Locate the interior hood release latch below the driver-side of the instrument panel, to the left of the steering wheel. Pull down on the latch, and the hood will pop up slightly.

Locate the hood release lever in the center front under the lip of the hood. With one hand, lift the hood slightly enough to get the fingers of your other hand in between the hood and the top of the grill. Slide the lever to the left with your right hand and the hood will release and you can lift it.

Locate the hood prop on the drive-side fender rail. Support the hood with one hand and. with your other hand, remove the hood prop from the fender rail retainer clip and insert the top of the prop into the predetermined hole on the underside of the hood.

Close the hood by lifting slightly to take pressure off the hood prop and replace the hood prop back into the retainer clip. Lower the hood until it is about 6 inches above the latch and let it go. It will shut and latch by itself. Lift up on it to make sure it did lock.

 How to Open the Hood on a Mitsubishi Endeavor

Locate the interior hood-release lever under the dashboard on the driver's side of the interior of the car.

Lift up and toward you on the hood release lever. The lever is connected to a cable that releases the hood. The hood will pop up about 1/2 inch when you pull the lever.

Move to the front of the Endeavor and locate the exterior hood-release lever under the front of the hood. It is located near the middle of the vehicle, just beyond where the front edge of the hood meets the Endeavor's body. Lift up on the inner lever.

Lift up on the edge of the hood while holding the inner lever in place. When the hood is up, find the hood prop and raise it, setting its tip in the hood-prop mount on the hood, to hold the hood up while you work in the engine bay.

 How to Open the Hood on My Mercedes S550

Open the driver's door and get down on your knees outside the vehicle so that you have a view of the pedals. You don't need to get on your knees every time you want to pull the hood lever, but it will give you a clear view of where the lever is located.

Pull the lever in the left corner of the driver's foot area. The hood lever is directly to the left of the parking brake.

Walk to the hood of the car. You will see a lever slightly sticking out from the grill, located beneath the Mercedes star hood ornament. Pull this lever toward you to release the hood. Pull up on the hood to get a view of the engine.

Items you will need

  • S550

 How to Open the Hood on a Pontiac Grand Prix

Locate the hood release under the dash. The release will be to the far left.

Pull the latch toward you. You will hear the hood release and see it raise up slightly.

Find the secondary latch under the hood. There will be a handle at the opening of the hood at the center.

Lift the latch up while pushing the hood down slightly. This will release the hood.

Allow the hood to raise all the way up. Hold the hood with one arm while locating the prop rod. The prop rod will be located along the top of the radiator.

Raise the prop rod to the designated hole in the under body of the hood. The hole will have "prop rod" engraved by it for easy recognition.

Lower the hood to the prop rod. This will secure the hood while you are working in the engine compartment.

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