How to Fold the Rear Seat on Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Folding down the rear seats in your Vehicles allows you to transport objects that are too long or too wide to fit in the back seat of your car. The Vehicles comes with split folding seats that can either be folded down together or individually. Folding down only one seat allows you to transport larger items while still allowing room Vehicles a backseat passenger. This gives you the extra flexibility to take large items home with you without needing to pay Vehicles delivery.

Under The Hood:

 How to Fold the Rear Seat on a Wrangler

Go to the back of the Wrangler and access the back side of the back seat through the cargo door at the vehicle's rear. You will have to clear your cargo area of items and will also want to lift up or zip up the back glass, depending on whether your Wrangler has a soft or hard top.

Pull the seat belt buckles through the back of the seat, so they no longer touch the seat. The seat belt buckles in a Jeep Wrangler are bolted to the floorboards directly behind the back seat

Locate the small metal lever on the left side of the seat, near where the back of the seat meets the base of the seat. Pull upwards on it with one hand and push the top of the seat forward with the other. The seat will fold down.

Grasp the bottom base of the seat firmly and lift it upward. It will fold and flip foward. If you want to leave the seat in the Jeep, this is as far as it will fold.

Pull upward on the right side of the folded seat to unfasten it from the bolted hinge that holds it into the truck, if you want to remove the seat completely and maximize your Jeep's cargo space. The seat is built to slide in and out of the Jeep. Once one side releases, you can pull or lift the seat out of the vehicle.

 How to Fold Down the Rear Seat in a 2004 F150

Folding Up the Rear Seat

Locate the seat cushion control lever on the outer part of the seat cushion.

Pull up on the seat cushion control lever upward to release the seat cushion.

Pull the seat cushion upward until the seat locks into place in the vertical position -- a clicking sound indicates locking of the seat in place.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the other side of the seat cushion, if needed.

Folding Down the Rear Seat

Locate the seat cushion control lever on the outer area of the seat cushion.

Push the seat cushion control lever toward the seat back cushion to release the seat cushion.

Push the seat cushion downward until you hear a clicking noise, indicating the locking of the seat in a horizontal position.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for the other side of the seat, if needed.

 How to Fold Rear Seats in a 2004 Honda Accord

Grab the Accord's master key and step into the rear-seating area. The master key is the one used to crank the car's ignition. An unprogrammed key that's used to open the doors will not work.

Inspect the rear panel between the rear seat and the rear glass. In the center, you'll see a keyhole.

Insert your master key into this key hole. Turn the key clockwise. This unlocks the rear seat.

Push the top of the rear seat downward while holding the key in the "Unlock" position. Push the seat all the way down to fold it, and then remove the key.

Push the rear seatback back against its mount firmly to move it back to its normal position. It will snap in place without you having to use the key.

 How to Fold Down the Rear Seats on Mazda 6

Open the rear door and reach behind one of the headrests on the passenger side rear seat and feel for a flat plastic panel with raised lettering. This is a handle to release the seat.

Pull up on the handle with one hand, then pull down on the headrest with the other, dropping the seat down to the seat bottom. This will lower 40 percent of the rear seat, and is convenient for narrower items when you still need to put a person in the back seat as well.

Repeat the process on the driver's side of the car to open up the 60-percent portion of the rear seat, which includes the center console. This is good for carrying a person in the rear seat on the 40 percent section, but is good for larger items as well. Alternatively, you could drop down both sides for the most room possible.

 How to Fold Down Rear Seats in Saturn Ion

Clear the rear seats of any objects that prevent them from being folded down and obstruct the movement of the seat. It is important to move all obstructions to ensure the seat folds down all the way.

Open the trunk and locate the two small handles in the center of the trunk. Grab and pull both of these handles toward you to release the rear seats from their current locked position.

Fold down the seat. You can do this by either pushing the seat forward from inside the trunk or pulling it downward from the headrest from inside the car.

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