How Do You Turn on Fog Lights?

by Kevin Ryan
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In situations in which fog, rain, or snow make driving difficult, fog lights can be a driver's best friend if used correctly. Fog lights cast a wide beam of light across the road to give a better view of the area directly in front of the vehicle. They are designed to cast light downward towards the road and prevent it from reflecting into the driver's eyes. You can use your vehicle's fog lights to increase your vision in otherwise difficult driving conditions.

Step 1

Ensure that your vehicle does in fact have fog lights. Consult your vehicle's manual to determine this.

Step 2

Turn on your vehicle. If you are trying your fog lights for the first time, it is best to do so in your driveway or a safe area so that you can fully inspect them without distraction.

Step 3

Locate the switch for your vehicle's fog lights. In many cases, this switch can be found at the end of the lever that is used to turn your headlights on and off. Some models have fog lights that are activated by a button on the dashboard.

Step 4

Activate your fog lights by performing the appropriate maneuver. In the case of a switch on your headlight lever, pull the switch out and away from the steering wheel. If your vehicle features an in-dash button, depress the button so that the fog lights turn on.

Check your vehicle's fog lights to ensure that they have turned on. If they have, you are ready to drive with your fog lights.


  • Fog lights can be used in conjunction with regular headlights. When on major roads and highways, always use your headlights in addition to your fog lights.


  • While they are more effective than regular headlights in many poor-weather situations, fog lights do not create ideal driving conditions. Use extreme caution when driving in fog, snow, or rain.
  • Fog lights illuminate a very short distance in front of the vehicle. Drive at slow speeds when using fog lights to compensate for the limited-sight distance.
  • Do not use fog lights in situations that do not call for it. Fog lights can be distracting to other drivers.

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