How Do I Secure My Car Seat Covers?

by Heath Wright

Securing car seat covers is important to making sure that your car seat covers do not slide up, therefore negating the purpose they should serve. Should they stay secured, they will protect the factory material used on the chairs--this should be helpful if you are transporting kids who are inherently prone to spilling drinks and dragging muddy feet around.

How to Secure Universal Bucket Seats

Take off the headrest and move the back of the seat forward. Slide the seat cover over the seat and pull it down as far as it goes. Fit the base of the cover over the base of the seat. Fasten elastic under the seat with the hooks at the end of each elastic band. Ensure that the seat cover snugly fits the car seat. Cut two small holes on the top of the back rest where the poles of the headrest will insert. Reinsert the headrest through the holes you cut into the holes on top of the backrest.

How to Secure Universal and Custom Bench Seats

Remove the seat from the car. Remove the backrest and fit the section marked "back" on the backrest. Line up the base pattern on the base of the seat to the pattern on the back rest. Secure the seat covers by connecting the "S" hooks at the end of each elastic band. Replace rear back rest and rear base. Check that all patterns match, are secure, and fit correctly over the seats.

How to Secure Custom Bucket Seats

Remove any guards or shields covering the factory material. Take the three strings provided in your car seat cover package and tie them to the loops in the bottom seat cover flap. Place the bottom seat cover on the the seat and align the seam in the seat cover with the edges of the seat bottom. Tuck the flap and the three strings between the top and the bottom of the seat. Group the strings together and pull tight. Pull the strings beneath the seat. If there is a bar or wire underneath the seat, take the strings over the wire as to not interfere with seat's functions. Tie each string to its corresponding loop in the front, securing the knot tightly. Take the skirt string (attached to the seat cover) and weave it below and behind any mechanisms. Both sides of the skirt are brought to the back and tired together securely. Place guards and shields back on the seats. Remove headrests if there are any, and tie the second set of three strings provided to the top seat cover -- the strings attach to loops on the flap on top. Pull the top cover down tight over the seat; fold and tuck the edges in as if you were folding bed sheets. Feed the three strings and the material attached to them between the top and the bottom of the seat. Pull each string tight and tie it to its corresponding loop beneath the material. Replace the headrests if they were removed.

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