How to Build Your Own Folding ROPS

by Andrea Walk

Because they have higher centers of gravity, it is easier than one may think it is to flip over a riding lawn tractor. That is why most lawn manufacturers today install rollover protection structures (ROPS) on their tractors. Rollover protection structures are usually a large U-shaped bar that mounts directly behind the driver's seat. A number of different folding ROPS kits are available that can be built and mounted to the tractor. It takes approximately an hour to build and install your own folding ROPS kit.

Step 1

Separate the kit into its individual pieces which should be comprised of two base bars, two folding hinges, a single U-shaped top bar and mounting hardware which includes nuts, bolts and washers.

Step 2

Find a place on the lower-bottom frame, behind and on each side of the tractor seat where the two base bars are installed. Look for mounting holes on the lower frame.

Step 3

Hold the left-hand side base bar against the frame. Line up the hole on the base bar with the hole on the frame. Slip a bolt through the holes and hand thread a nut onto the back of the bolt. Use the socket set to tighten the nut and bolt. Repeat this process to mount the base bar on the right-hand side of the tractor seat.

Step 4

Slide the bottom of the left folding hinge onto the top of the base bar on the left-hand side of the driver's seat. Slip the mounting bolt through the hinge holes and the top of the base bar and tighten with the socket set.

Step 5

Slip the bottom ends of the top U-shaped tumble bar onto the top of the hinges on the left- and right-hand side of the tractor seat. Slip the mounting bolts through the tumble bar and hinge and tighten them with the socket set. This concludes the building and installation process.

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