How Can I Make My Own Terry Cloth Seat Covers?

by Gryphon Adams
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Terry cloth provides an absorbent, washable fabric for car seats. Terry cloth protects skin from hot vinyl or leather in summer and insulates the seats in winter. The terry cloth hides any stains or rips in the original car upholstery. In the case of a new car, the terry cloth helps prevent harm to the upholstery. Making simple terry cloth seat covers allows you to customize the colors, and fit them to your vehicle and style of seats.

Robe Seat Cover

A simple terry cloth seat cover involves using a terry cloth robe. A no-sew version goes on with the back of the robe over the seat back, with the shoulders over the seat’s corners. Tie the arms behind the seat, or tuck the arms inside. Tie the robe’s belt around the robe across the top of the seat. By making the robe belt loose, you can tuck the belt into the crease to help the robe stay in place. Sheet suspenders serve to attach the corners of the robe under the seat. (See References 1.) The method to make the cover fit involves attaching a clip to each front corner and pulling the strap over the top of any wires or bars under the seat to keep from hampering the seat adjustment mechanism. Clipping the other end of each suspender strap to the back corners holds the robe seat cover to the seat.

Beach Towel Sheet Cover

Sewing two beach towels together at one end with the front sides facing each other and making a hem at both ends provides a large enough seat cover to fit a bucket seat. Running elastic through each hem and tying the elastic from the back towel panel to the front towel panel’s elastic ends under the seat helps to create a snug fit. Tuck part of the front towel into the crease between the seat back and seat to hold the terry cloth seat cover in place. This works with two matching towels or two contrasting towels. For example, use a solid green towel for the back and print towel for the front of the seat.

Beach Sheet Seat Cover

Extra-large beach towels, also called bath sheets, provide more terry cloth to cover bench seats in trucks or rear seats in cars. (See References 2.) Measure the seats, and check the measurements of the towels to assure a good fit. Sew two together lengthwise, and position the seam along the crease between the seat back and sitting area of the seat. By tucking some of the towel into the crease, it will help hold the terry cloth seat cover in place. If possible, tuck the top edge of the cover behind the seat back and the bottom edge under the front of the seat. For some rear and bench seats, it is necessary to remove the seat to install the seat cover. The seat cover will hold in place with elastic strap sheet garters. Clip a garter to a front corner of the towel seat cover, and stretch it to clip the back corner, or use two, if necessary, and clip them together.

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