How to Stop a Slippery Motorcycle Seat

by Michael Perlman
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A common conspiracy in the motorcycle world is that manufacturers design their seats to be as uncomfortable and slippery as possible, only to get a kickback from aftermarket seat and accessory manufacturers. It's a rarity to find a decent stock seat. If you're slipping in tight turns or your passenger smashes against your back every time you stop, then it's time to look into your aftermarket options.

Stop the slip

Step 1

Invest in a seat cover. There are several aftermarket pads and covers made of textured material that is designed to minimize butt slippage.

Step 2

Invest in a new seat. Not only are aftermarket seats designed better, but they utilize materials that prevent slipping.

Step 3

Do it yourself. Spray Pro Grip on the seat, experiment with double-sided tape, or strap a rubberized fabric to the top of the seat. Those are just a few homemade options.

Step 4

Ride in leather pants. Leather is more prone to sticking to the seat compared to jeans or light fabrics.

Step 5

Modify your seat. Take it to a specialist and have the foam reshaped so that you are seated deeper in the bike. If you are good with a turkey carver, remove the seat's cover and reshape the foam. Install a new anti-slip cover to further enhance the anti-slippage effect.

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