Can Heated Seats Be Covered Safely?

by Chris Aguilar

Putting ordinary car seat covers on heated seats isn't recommended. However, there are covers and fabrics that are fire resistant. These would make good covers if your car's heated seats are torn or wearing thin.


Neoprene is a sturdy material. These car seats have top and bottom layers made of polyester, with neoprene and foam in the middle. While this material is rated as fire resistant, it can be expensive.

Flame-Retardant Fabric

If you can't find prefabricated seat covers that you like, you can make your own, using flame-retardant fabric. This fabric comes in many colors, prints and textures.

Child Seat Covers

Fire-resistant thermoplastic material, such as that used on child car seats, may be another option. This is made up of thermoplastic and other fibers of fire-retardant material.

Ask Professionals

Upholstery professionals may be able to find exactly what you are looking for and match the seat material closely. You might want to ask a professional to recommend a fabric.


When covering or repairing heated automobile seats, don't remove the thermistor, the device that regulates the temperature. Doing so could result in a fire or burning the seat beyond repair.

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