How to Dye Cloth Car Seats

by Robert Raphael

When yo take care of your car, it can last you a very long time. Over time your cloth car seats may fade or discolor with use, or you might just outgrow the style and want to update the seat covering. You can dye the color of your cloth car seats by using a spray-applied dye. This method ensures you don’t have to remove the seats and the cloth, avoiding tearing the seats or having them shrink in a hot dye solution.

Step 1

Cover all of the area around your car seats with plastic drop cloths and tape them in place. You need to cover everything that you don’t want to get the dye on.

Step 2

Put on latex gloves and clothing that you don’t mind permanently staining.

Step 3

Spray an area of the seat with the automotive spray dye. Work in long, even rows for a uniform effect.

Step 4

Use a stiff brush to work the dye into the cloth of the seat. Run the brush lightly back and forth over the dye to get the spray into the weave of the material and to keep the cloth from stiffening.

Step 5

Cover the entire seat with the spray, brushing the dye into the material as you go, until the cloth is an even, satisfactory color.

Step 6

Let the dye dry according to the product's instructions before sitting on the seats.

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