How to Paint the Leather Seats in My Car

by Damica Brownswood
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Leather seats are the most durable seats to have in your car. They are luxurious and easy to clean. However, like many other types of interiors, leather requires occasional maintenance in order to keep its attractive appearance. Over time leather seats will suffer normal wear and tear causing the color to fade or darken. Whether you are looking to restore the color or completely change the color, you can paint your car's leather seats using the same techniques as the professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Step 1

Pick a leather coloring kit, which you can find online or at your local auto retail store. Your kit will come equipped with multiple color selections, leather prep, finishing sprays, a spray unit, gloves, a palette knife, an abrasive pad and sponge applicators. The color selections will vary per kit. Check the kit to make sure it has the color you desire. Make sure the kit's contents are nonflammable and nontoxic.

Step 2

Protect your work area. Exposure to chemicals can cause damage to other areas inside the car. Cover the inside of the car around the car seats with newspaper, a sheet or plastic covering. Tape the edges down with painter's masking tape. You can also remove your car seats to prevent chemical exposure by following the "Removing Car Seats" instructions in the manual that came with your car.

Step 3

Prep your seats. Open the kit, put on the gloves, take one of the sponge applicators and apply prep solution onto the leather with the palette knife, according to the kit's instructions. Rub the solution in with the abrasive pad, making sure to cover all of the seats. This process will remove old color and the manufacturer's finish. Continue this process until the old color is stripped, and the lighter color beneath is exposed.

Step 4

Apply color. Using a different application sponge, apply a thin layer of color to your seats. Color should be applied in smooth, even strokes. Applying the color too thick will cause bubbles and runs. If you notice this, take a cloth and smooth the surface. Allow the layer to dry undisturbed, with the windows down for ventilation. If you want a richer color, add additional layers of color until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Step 5

Apply finishing spray. Once the color has completely dried and you are satisfied with the color, add a thin layer of finishing spray using the spray unit that comes with the kit. Be sure to cover all of the seats thoroughly.

Step 6

Allow the seats to dry. Wait approximately 48 hours before sitting in your seats or reattaching them. The paint should last for a long time, although you may see some fading if the car is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. To help prevent this, invest in an indoor windshield sun cover. Use this whenever you park your car outside.

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