How to Dry Car Seats

by Louise Balle
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If your car seats become soaked with moisture, either on purpose or by accident, time is of the essence. You must remove this moisture and dry the seats immediately (within 24 to 48 hours) to avoid more serious issues. For example, moisture in your seats can cause mold or unwanted smells in the car over time. Even if you have vinyl or leather car seats that don't allow the moisture to penetrate, it's important to dry them off as soon as possible to avoid damage to the surface.

Step 1

Open all of your car doors to allow cross-ventilation of air in and out of the car. This will quicken the drying process.

Step 2

Use your carpet extractor to remove excess moisture from the seats of the car, if you have a significant amount of liquid to remove. Press the mouth of the extractor firmly against the upholstery surface and slowly move it across the seats to remove the excess liquid. The machine pulls the liquid into a tank for storage so that you can empty it later.

Step 3

Lay two layers of paper towel sheets across the car seats and press down with your fingers to remove more of the moisture from the surface. Allow the paper towel to sit atop the seats for about six to eight hours. The moisture will move upward into the paper towels as the seats dry.

Step 4

Place a bonnet blow-dryer on the car seat and allow it to dry the surface for a few hours. The bonnet dryer covers a larger area than a standard blow-dryer and distributes the hot air throughout the car. You may need to connect an extension cord to the dryer to reach your car's interior.

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