How to Fix Sun Damage on a Car

by Kay Ireland
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Having your car constantly out in the hot sun can cause it's paint to fade or look lackluster, especially if you car is a dark color like black, dark blue or red. The best way to fix sun damage on a car is using a rubbing compound, which can be found at any auto parts store. Choose one that has a fine or very fine cut in order to get the best results. With a little elbow grease, you can restore your car back to its original beauty.

Step 1

Wait until the weather temperature is over 50 degrees before you attempt to apply rubbing compound. You don't want it to harden too quickly while you are still trying to work with it. Make sure to apply out of the sunlight; it's best to tackle this job in the garage.

Step 2

Add a teaspoon of rubbing compound to your buffer, directly on the pad. Move the buffer around the sun-damaged area before turning on to distribute some of the rubbing compound evenly.

Step 3

Turn the buffer on and gently and evenly run it over the sun-damaged area. Work in small 1-by-1 inch sections and buff completely before you move to the next section. Rubbing compound can get very dry and be hard to work with, so make sure you work in small patches rather than large areas.

Step 4

Wash the car with plain water and rub dry with a terry cloth. This is a good time to examine the paint and make sure that you've gotten all of the spots evenly. If you notice a spot that you missed, simply repeat steps 2 and 3 again.

Step 5

Apply wax to your car evenly to protect the rubbing compound and your vehicle. In the future, do your best to store your car in a shady or area that is out of the sun to avoid future damage.

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