How to Repair Car Seat Cushions

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The upholstery inside a vehicle can take just as much wear and tear as the rest of the car. Unlike the mechanical features of your vehicle, repairing upholstery can usually be done without the need of a mechanic and an expensive repair bill. Small holes, slices and gashes in the fabric of your car seat cushions can be fixed easily. Some items will be needed for your repair. You can find all the items you need inside an upholstery kit if you have purchased one, or purchase the items separately.

Step 1

Examine your car upholstery thoroughly, as you need to know which type of material you are working with. Vinyl, leather and woven fabric blends all require different types of repair. Know what sort of damage has been done to the upholstery. The process of repairing a rip can be different from repairing a hole in upholstery materials.

Step 2

Sew the hole with a thread that will be strong enough to hold together the upholstered product. If you do not have an upholstery needle, a regular needle can be used instead but may be more difficult to maneuver. Use an X stitch to close the gash in the fabric.

Step 3

Apply upholstery gel over the stitch if you are working with leather or vinyl. Once the gel has dried, the hold of the stitching should be efficiently firm.

Step 4

Repair holes in fabric by applying a sealing gel with a tint that roughly matches the fabric. Use a flat surfaced tool to level the gel. If you own an upholstery repair kit, a tool should be included; however, any flat surface item can be used as a level.

Step 5

Cut the fabric patch in order to best match the size and shape of the damage. Apply upholstery gel to the underside of the patch and place onto the affected area. Keep surface-to-surface pressure until the adhesive is firmly bonded. This method is an alternative to stitching and is best used when the gash or tear in the upholstery is too large to be fixed with a stitch alone.

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