How to Remove Bondo Auto Putty From Fabric

by Timothy Mucciante
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Bondo Corporation was acquired by 3M in 2007. Bondo developed, manufactured and sold its namesake product. Bondo originally intended for it to be sold mainly for automotive body repair, but after the acquisition by 3M, Bondo has been marketed to more diverse end users. Occasionally, Bondo gets on fabric, either household or automotive. Removing Bondo from fabric of any type is very straightforward.

Step 1

Soak the affected area of the fabric in water to soften it up before the attempting to remove the Bondo. Thoroughly soak the affected area using a moist sponge. Allow approximately 15 minutes for the moisture to set in.

Step 2

Using acetone, test a discrete or hidden spot on the fabric to make sure the acetone will not harm the fabric. Acetone will remove at least some fabric along with the embedded Bondo. It is important for the user to know the effect of the acetone on the fabric.

Step 3

Apply the acetone to a cleaning cloth and wipe the affected area thoroughly. According to the Aftermarket Product Department of 3M, the Bondo should release from the fabric fairly easily. Any residue that remains should be cleaned with fabric cleaner, such as Woolite or Scotchgard.

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