How to Fix a Tear in a Jeep Soft Top

by Melynda Sorrels
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A tear in a Jeep soft top does not mean a costly repair bill or an expensive replacement. A torn soft top can be more than an irritation while driving, especially in the rain. It can cause a distraction to the driver, thus creating a safety issue on top of being unpleasing to gaze upon. Repairing a Jeep soft top is a simple repair that can be done at home with the right materials and a little spare time.

Several Simple Suggestions

Step 1

Clean the area around the tear with a damp clean cloth and allow it to dry completely. Apply a piece of aluminum waterproofing tape with black tar backing to the back side of the soft top. Hold the tear together. Simultaneously press the tape on firmly. Paint over the tape with latex paint that matches the inside of the soft top, and it will look as though there was never a tear at all.

Step 2

Using a leather needle or some other type of very strong needle, sew the tear back together with a very strong nylon thread. Purchase these at a fabric store. Hold the pieces together and double over the thread. Apply seam sealer to the visible threads inside the top. Seam sealer can be purchased at a local camping store. This will help protect the thread that is exposed to the elements.

Step 3

Place a piece of old fabric--preferably fabric from an old soft top or an old bikini top--to the inside area of the tear with E600 Glue. Make sure that the material is at least an inch bigger than the tear on all sides.

Step 4

Iron an iron patch to the soft top, but be careful if it is used on the outside of the soft top. You need to exercise caution with this step because the material around the tear may melt.

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